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Jeremy Corbyn Is The Problem

I have plenty to say on Labour’s shitshow of a manifesto, which is not a ‘fantasy’ but a ‘nightmare’, but that’s not on my mind at the moment. I just want to spend some time explaining why Corbyn would be a disastrous PM. I offer no alternative to the Labour Party as of now; you can make your own conclusions. 

The Labour Party Announce Their New Leader And Deputy Leader

It would be very easy to use a photo of Corbyn looking ridiculous, but honestly I find him more frightening than hilarious. 


Thoughts of the Week 7/5/17 (Le Pen, Dead Siblings, Damon Albarn)

Some things don’t deserve their own post, but are too long for Tweets. Here I’m discussing whether people are exaggerating about Marine Le Pen, why young people are stupid, why the Tories don’t care about your dead siblings, why musicians need to shut up, and why, basically, Twitter sucks.  (more…)

Isn’t Tim Farron Innocent?

Tim Farron is now hated by progressives for his stance on gay sex. But it is really just a load of hot air over nothing?

tim farron despair

The Lib Dem surge is upon us.