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6 Questions Jeremy Corbyn Must Answer

Jeremy Corbyn has some very troublesome connections which are not just ‘mainstream media smears’. Then again, maybe I’m just some lying neo-liberal zionist shill!


Corbyn has always been a good campaigner, given it’s all he’s done in his life.


Thoughts of the Week 7/5/17 (Le Pen, Dead Siblings, Damon Albarn)

Some things don’t deserve their own post, but are too long for Tweets. Here I’m discussing whether people are exaggerating about Marine Le Pen, why young people are stupid, why the Tories don’t care about your dead siblings, why musicians need to shut up, and why, basically, Twitter sucks.  (more…)

Isn’t Tim Farron Innocent?

Tim Farron is now hated by progressives for his stance on gay sex. But it is really just a load of hot air over nothing?


Tim Farron’s bizarre milk photos remain his career highlight.