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Thoughts of the Week 7/5/17 (Le Pen, Dead Siblings, Damon Albarn)

Some things don’t deserve their own post, but are too long for Tweets. Here I’m discussing whether people are exaggerating about Marine Le Pen, why young people are stupid, why the Tories don’t care about your dead siblings, why musicians need to shut up, and why, basically, Twitter sucks.  (more…)

Emmanuel Macron, or ‘the Illusionist’

Expect Macron’s victory speech focus on a victory over populism and defeatism. But this is no victory whatsoever.


It should have been Fillon.


Are Emmanuel Macron and Hillary Clinton’s Campaigns Related?

The two most insufferable politicians of the past couple of years? 

macron le dab

I am so sorry you had to see this. I am so sorry you had to hear Hillary say “just chillin’ in Cedar Rapids”. I am so so sorry.


Thoughts On The First French Presidential Debate

With the best candidate in the swamps, caricatures of the political landscape have risen to the top and are dominating discourse. Admit it though, President Le Pen sounds way cooler than President Macron.


I can’t believe I feel sorry for this guy.