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Emmanuel Macron – the Unlikely King

Yes, another post on Macron. I’m not obsessed, I swear. He really is the most interesting thing in Europe right now. 


This is the image of himself Macron wants you to see. But can he pull it off throughout the next five years?


Swept Up In Macron Mania

This week, the new French president Emmanuel Macron unveiled his portrait officiel and it was glittering, clean and displayed the fresh face of the new France. It contained ambiguous symbols, including classic literature, showing its orchestrator’s enjoyment for the theatrical. Going into the future, the question is whether or not this portrait will become a reverse Dorian Gray, where the picture remains the same while the man himself becomes wicked, or whether its real life subject will maintain the same rosy image over the next five years.


I’ve changed my mind on Mr Macron. 


Are Emmanuel Macron and Hillary Clinton’s Campaigns Related?

The two most insufferable politicians of the past couple of years? 


The comparisons are there to be made. 


Thoughts On The First French Presidential Debate

With the best candidate in the swamps, caricatures of the political landscape have risen to the top and are dominating discourse. Admit it though, President Le Pen sounds way cooler than President Macron.


I can’t believe I feel sorry for this guy.