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6 Questions Jeremy Corbyn Must Answer

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Jeremy Corbyn has some very troublesome connections which are not just ‘mainstream media smears’. Then again, maybe I’m just some lying neo-liberal zionist shill!


Corbyn has always been a good campaigner, given it’s all he’s done in his life.

“Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”

Since the Tories failed to really hammer down how much damage a Corbyn government would do to our country, I think some work needs to be done. So, here are some important questions that Jeremy Corbyn must answer in order to be taken seriously.

  1. Venezuela is currently in a major economic crisis with mass food shortages and inflation, which has provoked violent protests in its capital. The cause of such turmoil lies on the damaging policies of Hugo Chavez, who left the country on the cusp of collapse and allowed his successor Maduro to continue his legacy of awful economic policies.

    Why has Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly referred to Venezuela as an example of a successful model of socialism?

  2. The beloved former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, attempted a coup d’état in the nineties. As elected president, he abolished term limits and reduced the influence of other democratic institutions in his country.

    Why does Jeremy Corbyn look upon Chavez with such terms of endearment?


    Jeremy Corbyn buddying up with President Chavez

  3. Hamas is a terrorist organisation and is recognised as such by many countries including the United States and the European Union. Since the end of the 20th century, it has participated in countless terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. This includes the Second Intifada wave of attacks in the first decade of this century, which killed over 700 civilian Israelis.

    Why, in 2009 after these attacks were well known, did Jeremy Corbyn lament the fact that Hamas is considered a terrorist organisation and condone it for “bringing about long term peace, social justice and political justice”?

  4. Since taking leadership, anti-semitism has become a big problem in the Labour Party. Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth states that antisemitic incidents were rare while Ed Milliband was Labour’s leader: “There were one or two incidents before and the reason why they were so shocking is that there were only one or two. Now the sheer volume of it has made it normal”.

    Does the increase in occurrence of this racism, perhaps spurred on by Corbyn’s fondness for Hamas and Hezbollah, suggest the Labour Leader doesn’t care about anti-semitism?

  5. Corbyn and his supporters relentlessly criticise the government for its dealings with Saudi Arabia. But in the past, on his own intuition, the Labour leader has presented for and appeared on Press TV, the mouthpiece propaganda channel for the Iranian government. He has also appeared and spoke at a celebration of Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, which took the country into a dark period.

    Does Mr. Corbyn not think that his enthusiasm for Iran undermines his support for LGBT rights, our nation’s support for liberty, and support for our strongest alliances across the globe?


    The Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition on Iranian channel Press TV

  6. The Stop the War Coalition has been condemned by anti-war protestors such as Peter Tatchell and Caroline Lucas, who one would otherwise expect Corbyn to agree with. Yet the Labour leader remains a supporter of the organisation despite its sympathies for Russia and Iran and exaggerated hatred of America. He is furthermore a member of the CND which calls for nuclear disarmament, and struggles to deny that he would scrap trident if in power. He has furthermore called for cuts to the British armed forces in a speech for the Stop the War Coalition. Oh, and he skipped Armed Forces Day 2017 in order to speak to his adoring fans at Glastonbury.

    Does he forget about all of this when he feigns outrage towards the Tories for their treatment of the armed forces?


Corbyn fighitng the good fight at a Stop the War rally.  

There are many more areas in which Corbyn needs to be pressed and many more questions which can and should be answered.

Corbyn and his supporters have a tough dilemma: do they protect his lies on issues such as those above, and therefore admit he isn’t virtuous and honest, or do they agree with me that my criticisms of the Labour leader are not mere smears, but instead truths? Because the truth is, Corbyn’s response to his terrorist sympathies has been ‘negotiating’, but this doesn’t fit with his clear flattery and ideologically favourable statements, and nor does it explain why an unknown backbencher would somehow be heavily involved in negotiating delicate foreign policy matters. And if Corbyn is not telling the truth about his support for these politics, well then I’m afraid he isn’t has ‘honest’ and ‘straight-talking’ as his populist rhetoric would imply. If so, he’s just as bad as the rest of the “lying political elite” which he so vehemently hates, apparently.



  1. Venezuela


  2. Hamas
  3. Anti-Semitism in Labour
  4. Iran

  5. The Armed Forces


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