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Jeremy Corbyn Is The Problem

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I have plenty to say on Labour’s shitshow of a manifesto, which is not a ‘fantasy’ but a ‘nightmare’, but that’s not on my mind at the moment. I just want to spend some time explaining why Corbyn would be a disastrous PM. I offer no alternative to the Labour Party as of now; you can make your own conclusions. 

The Labour Party Announce Their New Leader And Deputy Leader

It would be very easy to use a photo of Corbyn looking ridiculous, but honestly I find him more frightening than hilarious. 

The number one issue currently facing our country is Brexit, for which we need a strong figurehead who can deliver on the referendum result and negotiate effectively for our future. We cannot go into this challenge with Jeremy Corbyn as our leader and with Labour as the largest party in parliament. The Labour Party’s stance is that a deal must be reached – it’s deal or no Brexit. This is infantile and stupid, as it allows the EU to walk all over us in negotiations. They’d know we need a deal, and would therefore have the power dynamic shifted to their side.

A stance like this is symptomatic of a weak leadership. Coupled with Corbyn and his circle’s radically stupid politics, it’s a deadly dose.

Perhaps the most stunning thing about this election has been the idolatry of Corbyn by my fellow teenagers. They’re making forced memes all the while suggesting he’s some sort of saviour for the nation. This is what I just can’t get over, given that Corbyn himself is an uncharismatic, feeble ideologue with a downright disgusting past.

It is not some ‘evil mainstream media lie’ that Corbyn called Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends”. Nor was this some great negotiating tactic given that Corbyn added soonafter, in passionate language, that the British government was wrong to label them a terrorist organisation. He called them fighters for human rights and equality. Not only is Corbyn stupid, but he’s dangerous too. We can group this extremely troublesome speech with his anti-NATO discourse and constant skirting around questions on Israel’s legitimacy.

Corbyn belongs to a section of the left, also inhabited by George Galloway, which is hateful of its own home – the Western World. Indeed, days after the 7/7 bombings, in a shameful display of masochism, Galloway and Corbyn appeared at a Stop the War march in which they both blamed Western actions for Islamist thugs blowing up innocent civilians in the centre of London. Such controversial opinions make the likes of Galloway and Corbyn decent bedfellows for Islamists and oppressive regimes, which we can see in the support of the two men for Iran. Corbyn has presented for Press TV, a shill for the Iranian goverment and, after all, owned by the country. And here you can see Jezza’s buddy Galloway praising Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and even putting on a slight accent for him on the same channel.

I haven’t even touched on the IRA stuff, and I won’t since I’ll give Mr Corbyn the benefit of the doubt for that. I do think his support of IRA terrorists is disgusting and inexcusable, but find it more potent to discuss his most recent efforts in radical politics.

I sincerely hope that, even if you do vote Labour, you do so hesitantly. I would prefer, though, if not a single vote was cast in favour of Mr Corbyn. On June 8th, let’s hope nothing goes awry.


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