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Thoughts of the Week 7/5/17 (Le Pen, Dead Siblings, Damon Albarn)

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Some things don’t deserve their own post, but are too long for Tweets. Here I’m discussing whether people are exaggerating about Marine Le Pen, why young people are stupid, why the Tories don’t care about your dead siblings, why musicians need to shut up, and why, basically, Twitter sucks. 

Marine Le Pen – Fascist, Racist?

It gets thrown around a lot that Marine Le Pen is a fascist or a racist. But if one reads her actual programme, these titles are a bit of a stretch. I’ve done some reading from people who believe she is a fascist/racist and they rarely make solid points in favour of handing her these labels.

The point most people seem to make is about her father and party. Jean-Marie Le Pen, it’s true, was a nasty piece of work and did well at allowing these labels to stick to him. But Marine is detached from him, and much more moderate. The question that is begged is, I suppose, can we trust her? Pundits call her moderation of the Front National, which certainly did have its roots in racism, simply a superficial make-over and that the roots still exist in Marine.

Whatever the case, I could never vote for her. Her love of Putin (which is actually real, unlike in the case of Trump when people falsely accused him) and awful economical ideas are enough to turn a sane person off her.

The Tories Don’t Care About Your Dead Siblings

Literally, they couldn’t care less. They’ve got a country to run and things to do bigger than garnering sympathy towards every person in the country who dies.

I’m talking about this stupid tweet that’s been circling all week:

fucking retards

I mean, I know it’s common for people to get stupidly overdramatic around election season, but this takes it a bit far. I’ll discuss why it’s stupid in a second, but first I’d like to take a moment to mourn the brains of anyone of those 12k+ people who retweeted this, which sadly included people I’m following.


Now, as to why this is stupid. I swear to god I thought this was a parody when I first saw it.

What this guy is referring to is the bedroom tax, which was introduced in 2013 under the Tory coalition. It means that you housing benefit will be cut if you have one or more spare rooms in your household. It is handled by your council.

So what is quite bizarre is this guy’s use of the word ‘Tories’. He’s writing as if Theresa May herself got out her typewriter and concocted some elaborate evil dictum on why her party doesn’t give a shit about his sister. According to this man’s Twitter bio he lives in Manchester, whose council is overwhelmingly Labour-run. To claim that a single party is being this heartless is infantile, but the irony that it’s a Labour council doing this to him simply makes it even more hilarious.

You may be thinking “but wait, didn’t the Tories introduce the tax? So he’s right, isn’t he?”. Well not really. There is a death exemption for the bedroom tax. If someone in the household dies, housing benefit will not be reduced until 12 months after the death. I presume out of respect. So either this guy is being extremely hyperbolic about the time period between the death and getting this letter, or the local council had a bit of a cock-up with timing. In which case he could write a complaint – to his Labour-led council.

So yes, Gaz, I will vote. For the Tories. Thank you for reminding me to do so.

Young People Are Fucking Stupid

I suppose this thought leads on from the last section about Gaz, and it is that Twitter has made my peers ignorant. There are so many lies spread through Twitter. Whether it be the barrage of false hate crimes reported following Trump’s election, which my college mates retweeted to the heights, or simply dumb shit from trash accounts claiming something or other about people vaguely right-wing.

And I’m starting to realise the reason people are falling for it is not that these fake hate crimes or news articles are just really good fakes, it’s that the people retweeting them are just really fucking stupid. I’m sorry. Anyone with an inch of critical thinking can see a dud when it comes about on their timeline.

Don’t get me wrong: people on the right do this too. When someone retweets someone like Jack Posobiec or Mike Cernovich, I near physically gag. The difference is that barely any young people are right wing, so the lefty trash annoys me infinitely more.

Twitter gives me high blood pressure.

Musicians – Please Stick to Music-ing

It feels like everything I get pissed off about nowadays is from Twitter.

I keep seeing people retweet that goddamn Channel 4 video interview of Damon Albarn where he rants about how ‘the young people don’t have a say’ and that Brexiters are nostalgiac, old middle Englanders. I totally love a musician reaching 50 years old telling me, an 18 year old, exactly what I think about how ‘the old people have betrayed us’. Not ironic whatsoever.

I grew out of the Gorillaz when I was like 7 years old.

Le Pen Voters Already Bracing For Defeat

I’m writing this a couple of hours before Macron will be projected the winner of the French election. Already I’m noticing that the Le Pen supporters (people like Paul Joseph Watson and Jack Posobiec, neither of which are even french) are already creating excuses for the eventual defeat. They’re circulating videos and articles claiming election fraud has occurred.

They’re setting it all up for when Macron wins, so they can call it rigged.

They did this during the US elections. Deep down I’m sure they thought Trump would lose, so they set up these reports throughout the day.

The sad thing is that some of them are making me actually paranoid that election fraud actually is occurring. You know, when you’re told something so much that you start to believe it? I need a break from social media.


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