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Isn’t Tim Farron Innocent?

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Tim Farron is now hated by progressives for his stance on gay sex. But it is really just a load of hot air over nothing?


Tim Farron’s bizarre milk photos remain his career highlight. 

This week the pitchforks have been at Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron’s door for incinuating that homosexuality – or at least homosexual sex – is a sin. While I enjoy seeing Farron self-destruct, even I am willing to admit that the outrage is steeped in pointlessness and anti-religious sentiment.

Just because a person believes gay sex to be a sin, that is not to say that their political opinions are molded in their religious beliefs. A sin is, if you haven’t already noticed, not secular, but instead religious. And religion is, or should be, personal. I’m sure the leader of the Liberal Democrats will agree with me that separation of church and state is of paramount importance.

Therefore, what does it matter that Tim Farron believes homosexuality to be a sin? If he believes this, he also likely thinks divorce is sinful. But that doesn’t mean he would make performing them illegal should his party ever be in power.

Well, this is what an intelligent religious person’s idea of politics would be at least. And I think Farron is likely one of those. His politics and his religious views are separate.

Much noise has been made also about Farron’s abstenation on the vote for gay marriage. At first, this seemed troubling as it implied perhaps Farron was putting his religion before the secular freedoms of other people. However, he has vocally regretted his abstenation in the past and in all other votes supported the legislation to legalise same-sex marriage.

People are just so dramatic.



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