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Are Emmanuel Macron and Hillary Clinton’s Campaigns Related?

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The two most insufferable politicians of the past couple of years? 


The comparisons are there to be made. 

NOTE: I have now changed my view on Emmanuel Macron, like any good Clintonian flip-flopping politician. Read here. I look at everything I have written below and somewhat disagree with it. I regret nothing about Obama and Clinton. 

Excuse the Alex Jones tone, but it isn’t too crazy to imagine that ‘globalists’ are working together worldwide. I hate even using the word ‘globalist’ in this light out of fear that I sound like a purporter of conspiracy theories, but it is the only way I can describe the current political class, whose liberalism is their core way of relating to each other.

In digesting the French presidential election, the first round of which is set to be voted on tomorrow, I found myself extraordinarily irritated by almost everything about front-runner Emmanuel Macron and his campaign. This irritation, I thought, was reminiscent of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

But when Barack Obama gave Macron a telephone call the other day, in response to which Macron’s Twitter account tweeted a corny monochrome still from the moment, I realised what it was that Macron reminded me of: Hillary Clinton. It all came back to me. The vapid overly-manufactured sound bites and the cringeworthy attempts to appear trendy of Hillary’s odious campaign was repeating itself.

And, hey, perhaps there’s no conicidence to that. A few months ago, WikiLeaks suggested they had information to release on Macron, which they had found in the leaking of John Podesta’s emails. Obama’s endorsement (which he said wasn’t an endorsement but c’mon) has a similar stench of alliance given he is probably the most popular Democrat.

Both Macron and Hillary’s campaigns are extremely similar, even down to the font used on social media, but there’s one important difference which determines why only one of them failed: the candidate. It seems too obvious, but Hillary was scandal-drenched, boring, tired, fake and already established. Macron is three of these five things, but in a more subtle way. People who have fallen for Macron’s campaign are probably less naive than those who fell for Hillary’s, but are nevertheless playing a fool’s game.

macron le dab

I am so sorry you had to see this. I am so sorry you had to hear Hillary say “just chillin’ in Cedar Rapids”. I am so so sorry.

Let is be known that I don’t have anything against globalists or career politicians. But fake people created in board rooms and advertised in the hand of a young intern on Twitter are truly irritating.

p.s. macron is gay – you didn’t hear this from me


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